Christian Mandala Fundamentals

Christian Mandalas – Spiritual Morphing

The Christian Mandalas curriculum utilizes visualization, repetition, creativity, and curiosity to help you deeply engage with Scripture. What’s the payoff? The short answer is accelerated Spiritual growth.  In Biblical terms, the believer becomes salt and light to a darkened world by preserving the standards of the Kingdom and reflecting Christ’s […]

Christian Mandalas – Brain Rules

How does creating Christian Mandalas help you reflect on Scripture? The short answer is that Christian Mandalas utilize the same techniques used by a truly excellent teacher – Jesus. The approach uses four vital learning modes to help you deeply absorb Scripture. Vision:  The approach uses our sense of vision.  […]

Christian Mandalas – Intro 1

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle.  Sanskrit is an ancient language used in India and other countries in the Indian subcontinent.  Most of my Indian friends are aware of Sanskrit but chose not to take it as an elective during their school years.  In Christianity, the circle is a […]