Christian Mandalas – Christian Symbols

1 Corinthians 15:35-49

The image shown is entitled The Resurrection of the Body.  It is a mandala I created while reflecting on the passage in 1 Corinthians 15:35-49, where Paul discusses the resurrection of the believer’s body.  The mandala is built out of standard Christian symbols, numbers, and colors.

  Symbols are a shared language in a culture.  God’s word is full of symbols and imagery. Jesus was a heavy user of symbols.  Think of his “I Am” statements in John.  I am the bread of life, the true vine, the light of the world, the door of the sheep, the good shepherd.  Jesus is using highly symbolic language.

Christian Art also makes use of symbols/symbolism.

For example, the mandala shown is composed of five Christian symbols. The eight-pointed star is a symbol of regeneration and resurrection. The fish represents Jesus Christ, God’s Son, our Savior. The butterfly is a common symbol for the resurrection of Christ, but also the resurrection of all believers to new life. A wreath of roses is used in art to adorn believers that have entered into heaven.

Green is the color of new plant life in Spring.  Green is also the color used during Epiphany, representing regeneration.

Eight represents regeneration, as well.  You may notice that many baptismal fonts are eight-sided.  Note the baptismal font in the center of the mandala.

The final Christian symbol, which defines the composition, is the outer circle.  Recall, mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle.  More importantly, the circle is the Christian symbol for God because it has no beginning and no end.  In essence, the Christian Mandala begins with God.

Christian symbols make it easier to create Christian Mandalas.  The Christian Mandala curriculum includes an introduction to Christian colors, numbers, and drawing aids.  Once you begin to learn them, you will be able to create your own mandalas, and also understand the stories in the stained-glass windows in churches throughout the world.

A Christian Mandalas devotional coloring journal may be found here:

Christian Mandalas: The Art of Journaling 2: A Devotional Coloring Journal

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