Educated at Stanford University, Kerry has a very unique background:  Digital Integrated Circuit Architect, award winning professional Artist, and successful International Businessman.  From this background a number of things standout in Kerry’s teaching style.  First, Kerry is a skilled communicator able to make very difficult concepts understandable.  Second, due to Kerry’s ability to create art and his knowledge of Christian Art, his teaching approach incorporates a strong visual component.  Finally, Kerry is a creator.  He brings new insights to Scripture by connecting themes that have not been combined previously.

Class List

Format:  Lecture with PowerPoint (visual emphasis), Video Clips, and extensive use of large format printed art.  Time reserved for discussion/Q&A.  The overall tone is relaxed with humor.

Level:  Adult

  • Surreal Christianity: A journey with Jesus, Jung, and Dali
    • Three classes, 45 minutes each
      • Class 1: Surrealism, Art and God
      • Class 2: The Surrealism of Christ
      • Class 3: The Surrealistic Christian Life
    • Artists used: Salvador Dali, Hieronymus Bosch, de Chirico, Picasso, Kerry’s work and others


  • Jesus, Escher, and the Art of Christian Morphing
    • Two classes, 45 minutes each
      • Class 1: Context: Introduction to Escher, his worldview, and his six key attributes
      • Class 2: Application: Applying Escher’s six key attributes to the individual Christian’s journey
    • Artists used: M. C. Escher, Kerry’s work and others


  • Christian Mandalas
    • Two classes, 60 minutes each
      • Class 1: Introduction to Christian Mandala Bible Study Approach
      • Class 2: Parables in Glass:  A review of Stained Glass windows from around the world,  their Christian symbolism, and the stories they tell
    • Artists used: Marin Luther, Jakob Bohme, Hieronymus Bosch, Kerry’s work and stained glass windows from churches throughout Europe and the United States