Leading a Small Group

What are the logistics of leading a small group?

Duration: 10 week studies + a facilitator lead kick off day.

Format:  Perform the studies individually and meet once a week to share your mandalas.

Study books:  The study books each contain 10 Scriptures.  You will spend three days per Scripture drawing one mandala per day.  A total of 30 total mandalas per book.  Doing one Scripture (3 mandalas) per week gives a 10 week study.  For most groups a pace of one Scripture per week is about right.

Facilitator: The facilitator either should watch the 26 minute Christian Mandalas Leader’s Guide DVD, or read the main book:  Christian Mandalas – Revelation, Reason, and Regeneration. The book can be read in less than an hour and gives the background behind the methodology.  Alternatively, you can see if Kerry is available to kick off your study.

Participants: All the study books contain enough information for the participant to be able to complete the studies after the kick off.  The logistics are covered.  It’s pretty straight forward.  The studies are designed to allow you to focus on Scripture rather than to continually ask yourself: “Am I doing this right.”