Training Materials for Small Group Leaders

Christian Mandalas™:  The Leaders Guide DVD


Christian Mandalas

The Leader’s Guide

The Christian Mandalas Leader’s Guide provides the essential background for facilitators to run a small group or life group together with the Christian Mandala study book materials.


26 Minutes/Color/Digitally Mastered/1.78:1 Widescreen

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Christian Mandalas™ Revelation, Reason, Regeneration

Useful for background information on Christian Mandalas.

Christian Mandalas: Revelation, Reason, Regeneration

Traditionally, mandalas (Sanskrit for circle or disk) are used in Hinduism and Buddhism to aid in meditation. Psychiatrist Carl Jung broke tradition by popularizing his own version of mandalas in the West to help with therapy. Jung’s ground breaking work with non-traditional mandalas led to the concept of the collective unconscious and eventually the development of the Myers-Briggs personality test. Christian Mandalas build on Jung’s work as well. By creating a mandala based off of Scripture, Christian Mandalas provide a unique way to visually engage with the Word of God. This approach also allows the Holy Spirit to interact with you on a deeper level, giving you even more insight as you create your own mandala. Your mandalas are images summarizing the Scripture you’ve read, and will stay with you throughout the day. By drawing from Scripture and having one-on-one time with the Holy Spirit, you allow yourself to become more like Christ. Loaded with images, this book gives you the essential background to begin your individual journey.

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